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My Friend Corinne is a Super Mama

I met Corinne Gold when I was modeling for Athleta in 2010. We spent a week shooting photos in Panama and I was inspired by her fun-loving spirit and awesome attitude. Check out a couple photos from the catalog below.

corinne athletaholly athleta

We kept in touch via facebook and I watched inspired as she surfed through her pregnancy, bounced back into model shape immediately, and then became pregnant again. Now that I have a six month old, I’m starting to mentally adjust to the idea of having a second one. I’m definitely not ready. My little girl keeps me plenty busy and the thought of going through the whole pregnancy, birth, and 4th trimester again does not sound good at all! BUT, I know I want Luna to have a sibling, so I’m super inspired when I see photos like this of Corinne balancing both kids and her own need for fun and fitness. Thanks Corinne! Continue reading My Friend Corinne is a Super Mama

Body Glove Surf Leggings

Living in Nicaragua I don’t worry too much about fashion. I wear the same thing every day. It definitely makes life easier that way. BUT, in running the Surf With Amigas retreats, I’m constantly exposed to ladies with super cute yoga and surf wear. Sometimes I feel like I need to upgrade my situation in order to fit in. Luckily, I picked up some new leggings by Body Glove. They’re made out of bathing suit material so they’re great for surf, yoga, or just hanging out in the tropics. They’re super cute and functional. I got tons of compliments on them right away! Here are some photos from a typical day at work/play!

All decked out in my sun protective gear. Leggings by Body Glove.
All decked out in my sun protective gear. Leggings by Body Glove.

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A Day In The Life at 4.5 Months

Set a goal, attract what you want, work hard, and live your dream. After loving life as a competitive pro surfer, then a pro free surfer, building a business and relocating full time to Nicaragua, I wanted to have a family. I’m now happily married living in a house that we built with our two dogs and a 4.5 month old baby girl Luna. Here’s a little video sample of daily life on a day off from running my Surf Yoga Retreat business. Life is good!Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.22.16 AM

Introducing Luna to the Ocean

5 weeks after having my little girl, I started surfing again. It was really awkward at first. After three months out of the water I was out of rhythm with the ocean. My paddling muscles were weak.

Luna is 10 weeks old now and I’m starting to get back to normal. On this day last week I caught a few waves and then came in when my husband signaled that she was awake. I fed her and then took her for a walk along the water’s edge. She was a little fussy and I was adjusting my carry hold when I decided to dip her toes in the water. She instantly quieted, staring at the water, mesmerized. She loved it!

Back in the Water after 3 months

luna sling 5 weeksAfter three months without paddling out, i’m finally back in the water. When Luna was about 3 weeks old I started taking her on beach walks with the dogs in the mornings. I wrapped her up in a sling, covered her head with a little hat and we’d walk down to the ocean with the dogs and look at the waves. It seemed impossible to leave her on the beach and out of my arms for any length of time, but day by day I got more and more eager to catch a wave.

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