Wishing for Sleep

The past few nights we haven’t been sleeping well. I suppose this is to be expected with a 7 month old. It surely was the nightly truth when Luna was this age. But we’ve gotten used to enjoying 4-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, then a quiet wake up, a little gentle nursing, and right back to sleep. Last night I was so ready to get back to that but instead we had night 5 (or was it 6?) of something very different.20170429_062802

I’m really hoping it’s just the two new top teeth that are popping through, or even the runny nose that just won’t go away, that have him waking up every 90 minutes wanting to suck agressively and cry when I know he’s had enough and try to roll back onto my back, rather than a new normal.

My husband tries to help. I’m battling my own cold and need the sleep to be able to keep it together during our daily toddler battles (yes you do have to put clothes on to go outside, and please take another sip of water!)

My husband tries his best but baby just wants Mama. Meanwhile I think my nipple may actually fall off.

One of the Instagram accounts I follow suggests making sure to take time for myself in order to gave the energy and calm to be the best mama I can be. Yeah right? Who has time for that?! Not ME!!!! At least not right now. received_1487788017957923

I know, I know. It will pass. The runny nose will dry up. The new teeth will come through. I’ll be packing him up and sending him off to college in the blink of an eye, wishing I could still hold him and cuddle him at my breast all night. That’s what gets me through it…. when I can remind myself of that.received_688925064644882



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