Luna’s ISR Swim Lesson

ISR is a philosophy of swim lessons focused on keeping babies and toddlers safe from drowning. This isn’t about play or splashing but teaching a young kid how to save themselves if they happen to fall into a pool. In this video Luna demonstrates learning to float, swim to the step, swim to the instructor, flip over and fall in to float, etc. We loved her instructor Jeannie Lambert!

2 thoughts on “Luna’s ISR Swim Lesson”

  1. This is so great! I’ve been looking into these lessons – I live in Nicaragua f/t and was wondering if you had ever heard of anyone down here who gives them?

    1. Hey Stephanie. Awesome! Where do you live in Nicaragua? We have a home in Aposentillo, Chinandega and spend most of the year there. I had looked into teachers there and know there aren’t any. I couldn’t even find one in Costa Rica. The teacher featured in the video has been talking about doing some travel sessions. Maybe we could get a crew together? let me know where you are! how old is your little one?

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