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Holly Beck Obermeyer is a former professional surfer and adventurer turned dog-loving, barefoot, home-body entrepreneur who lives full time in a remote beachside village of Northern Nicaragua running Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreats.


Growing up the oldest of five sisters and spending a ton of time helping mom look after the younger ones, plus after earning years of spending money by babysitting neighbors, she was never totally sure that she ever would want kids of her own. She relished the freedom to jump on a plane on a moment’s notice to chase some adventure in a far off corner of the globe.

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Then she met this guy, turned 30, stopped competing, moved full time to Nicaragua and all those things together made her ready to settle down, plant a garden, nurture a pair of dogs, and start thinking about starting a family.


On March 30th, 2013 Holly and Kim were married in front of a small group of family and friends. You can watch the video from the ceremony here.


A few months later they began planning the best timing to conceive so that the baby would be born in the rainy season and the low season for their business. In December, they lovingly and intentionally conceived a baby girl who was born Luna Suli Obermeyer on her dad’s birthday – September 14th 2014. You can read her birth story here.

In December of 2015 they accidentally conceived their second baby. A boy that will be called Soleo when he is born sometime in September of 2016. Amazingly, his due date is his sister and father’s birthday!

This blog is the story of that journey.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Holly – great blog! I live in Managua and am 11weeks pregnant. I am looking for a midwife and home birth option, and had pretty much given up. Who is your midwife? Any info and recommendations would be really appreciated!

    1. awesome kate, congrats! what doctor are you using? my friend Nikki and i are both using Dr. Matus at Vivian Pellas. He was educated in London, speaks perfect English and we’ve been liking him.
      as far as the midwife goes, she is a traveling midwife who lives in Belize. her name is Gail Johnson and her website is http://www.midwifewithoutborders.com
      she’s coming in august for 6 weeks to deliver three of us! you should get in touch with her!

      1. That’s great! I’ve heard about Gail from a few people. Could we continue this conversation on email?

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