When Moms Quit Surfing

Ok, I get it. I never thought I would, but now I do.

I’ve met moms that tell me they quit surfing when they had kids. It never made any sense to me. Why would you quit something that you love, that keeps you healthy, fit, not to mention sane, just because you now have kids? Now I know. 

We were in the US for two months this summer. Sure there are waves there, but with the colder water, thicker crowds, and the need to get on the freeway, I just wasn’t interested in surfing. It was nice to put it out of mind and just relax and focus on hanging out with the kids. Trying to get work done while balancing time with family and friends was enough to worry about.

Now that we’re back in Nicaragua and I have two months of froth stored up, the first couple days back were stressful. The tide was right, the swell was there, and I spent the mornings feeling frantic. I was looking at my watch, thinking about the tides, wind, swell etc. when I should have been just in the moment helping Luna pick out her outfit, and Soleo work on getting the Cheerios into his mouth. Instead I was impatient with them, ready to toss them to our (very awesome) nanny the minute she walked in the door.

I’ll admit it. Surfing makes me crazy!

After I finally made it into the water and caught my first wave, I relaxed. I realized it’s ridiculous that i’m so fixated on catching a few waves that I was short with my kids. Maybe I should stop surfing?

photo by @freelantz_cr

No… I won’t go that far. Surfing does keep me happy, healthy, fit, and sometimes sane…. sometimes. It’s all those other times that it makes me crazy!

Sorry kiddos. I do hope you fall in love with surfing too and understand one day. We’ll laugh about it. You’ll apologize for all those times you had a fit about what to wear which kept mama from catching a few more offshore tube rides. I hope so anyways. In the meantime, I’m doing the best I can to keep it in perspective and balance.

This ride definitely put a smile on my face and had me running back to be with them in a much better mood.


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