Adventuring with Family in Bend and Portland

We spent a couple of weeks in Oregon between Bend and Portland exploring with the Obermeyer clan. I didn’t capture quite as much with the camera but here are a few fun video moments mostly through the eyes of Luna.

Hanging with Poppi in Bend

Living in Central America as we do, with family spread out all over the place, we don’t get a chance to connect very often. It was so nice to spend a week in a cozy rental in Bend with Kim’s Dad and stepmother,  brother, and our brand new sister in law that we’d never even met (they eloped!)

We all, but especially Luna, developed a crush on Olivia right away. I was particularly interested to hear about her schooling experience growing up in Sweden. I was encouraged to hear that this obviously incredibly intelligent Harvard Political Science PhD student didn’t learn to read until age 7! as Swedish schools just focus on play until that age.

We did lots of playing in Bend, including brewery touring, and river walking.

And river surfing! Yes we surfed in Bend! Once I realized it was possible I decided we had to try. I made some phone calls to track down a place that would rent gear, and armed with a sleeveless 5mm  wetsuit and 5’1 foamy, I carefully stepped across one part of the river and got in line. I nervously told the guy in front and behind me that it was my first time. They were very friendly and helpful, offering to hold my board as I stepped on. It wasn’t pretty but I rode for a bit before digging rail. The shock of the strong rush of cold water took my breath away and I had to scramble for my board as rentals don’t come with leashes. I rode 4 times and then was exhausted from the cold and all the energy put into fighting the river for my board.

Lunas portrait of Dada. Spot on!

From Bend we made out way to Portland and the cozy home of Kim’s sister Lisa. She had a fun activity planned for everyday – art, books, park missions, the zoo, and a flashing light dance party! Luna did not want to leave!


Of all the activities, Luna’s favorite was playing dress up in Lisa’s collection of sparkly dresses!


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