I Made Play-Doh!

Ok ok, I know that making play-doh is not a huge deal as far as homeschool crafts go, but it was the first one that I have attempted and it came out amazingly well, so i’m proud of myself and inspired to try our next project!

If you’ve been thinking of doing this, I recommend it! Not only was it easy, fast, and fun, but it entertained both kids (age 3 and 1) for at least 30 minutes! We’ll see how long it keeps them occupied today, but at a ratio of 5 min to make it to 30 minutes of playtime, i’ll call it a WIN!

(This makes more playdoh than we really needed and could easily be cut in half, especially if you are making for just one kid.)

Mix together:
2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2Tb vegetable oil
2Tb cream of tartar

Then add about 1.5 cups boiling water with food coloring (color optional, but way more fun!), adding little by little and mixing til you get the right consistency, adding water or flour as necessary.

Let it cool and work with your hands til the consistency is right, then PLAY! It literally took 5 minutes.

It was a bit tricky to keep Soleo from trying to eat it, and Luna got pretty annoyed when he kept putting his little grabby fingers into her pile, and pulling the legs off the monster we were trying to make. I’m sure that will improve with time.

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