Welcoming a New Soul

According to several Eastern traditions including Kundalini Yoga, on the 120th day past conception the growing fetus acquires its soul. It’s kind of a strange and yet appealing concept for me to imagine an ocean of souls somewhere up there outside of our perception, waiting their turn to rejoin the hustle and bustle of life on Earth. I wonder if they’re assigned by some all-powerful deity or if there’s any choice in the matter. Maybe it’s some combination. God says to the soul, “here are three options, you have 24 hours of observation to choose which family you’d like to join.” It’s fun to imagine. 


My friend Nikki shared a pre-natal book in the Kundalini tradition called Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful which describes the 120th day past conception like this:

“In this very ancient tradition in which I live, we have a special celebration during pregnancy to honour the soul who arrives on the one hundred and twentieth day after conception, which corresponds to the fourth month of pregnancy, about a month into your second trimester. Before the end of the first trimester, the fetus that supports the soul hasn’t been completely fortified, and this is when the majority of miscarriages happen. Before that date, the entering soul is still unaffected by worldly influences, existing only in radiance.

When the soul enters the body, a baby’s subconscious mind begins to develop and absorb a multitude of messages, the way a dry sponge soaks up water. Usually morning sickness has subsided, and we are getting our bearings on life; the waters become more calm. In our homes, the father of the arriving soul, friends, and family of the mother organize the celebration so we don’t have to do anything. They prepare delicious food, arrange flowers, and light candles. They call together members of the community, who bring gifts to honour the mother. Singing, poems, and scriptures can be read – whatever they feel the new mother would love – along with plenty of good food served. Everyone prays for physical, mental and spiritual well-being so she is strong and able to pass those qualities through herself to the baby.

It is one of our most beautiful celebrations, and one I encourage you to take on in whatever context is appropriate for your life and your beliefs.”

kimhollybellybumpMy husband and I aren’t really the party-having type, particularly since we just got back from 3 weeks in Costa Rica which involved lots of fun people but very little solo quiet time. We have now seriously re-entered our hermit phase and plan to celebrate with just the 2 of us. Tonight we’ll cook a healthy nourishing meal and then spend some time meditating together to welcome the new soul into our family.
meditation <– here’s us!


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