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It’s a Girl!

After reading about ultrasounds and the possible dangers to a fetus, we had decided not to have any more – not even to find out the sex of the baby. Then, we spoke to friends who advised us that an ultrasound may have saved their baby’s life by identifying issues in the womb that were then handled immediately after birth. Since our plan is to give birth at home, about 20 min from the nearest hospital, we decided it would be worth having one more quick scan to check the heart and other vital organs in case there was a problem that might lead us to change our birth plan. Continue reading It’s a Girl!

Welcoming a New Soul

According to several Eastern traditions including Kundalini Yoga, on the 120th day past conception the growing fetus acquires its soul. It’s kind of a strange and yet appealing concept for me to imagine an ocean of souls somewhere up there outside of our perception, waiting their turn to rejoin the hustle and bustle of life on Earth. I wonder if they’re assigned by some all-powerful deity or if there’s any choice in the matter. Maybe it’s some combination. God says to the soul, “here are three options, you have 24 hours of observation to choose which family you’d like to join.” It’s fun to imagine.  Continue reading Welcoming a New Soul

What’s Wrong With Ultrasounds

I’m a nerd. I love learning, particularly by reading, and when I take up a new pursuit I put everything into it. I feel like i’ve signed up for a 6-months-long, independent study program with a grueling final exam at the end. Luckily, I have a few trust-worthy lab partners and a lot of enthusiasm to learn. I’m also a cynic. I like to look for holes in arguments and consider the sources. So i’ve been doing a lot of critical thinking.

I recently finished reading a book called The Business of Baby by Jennifer Margulis. The subtitle is “What doctors don’t tell you, what corporations try to sell you, and how to put your pregnancy, childbirth, and baby before their bottom line”.  It was an interesting and informative read, despite the fact that it seemed a bit over the top. The case studies used to prove her points were incredibly extreme and clearly not the norm. The message I took from the book is basically that hospitals are dangerous, doctors DO NOT have your best interest at heart, and even those that are trying to do the right thing and truly care for their patients are handicapped by things like insurance concerns and hospital regulations, or are brainwashed by corporations.
Continue reading What’s Wrong With Ultrasounds