Luna is 3

Does anyone make baby books anymore? Probably.

And I probably should. But with everything digital these days and how much we move around between countries, having something as precious as a baby book might be hard to keep track of. This is something i’ve been meaning to do for 2 years, so the sooner I start the better – A little snapshot recorded in text and photos that we can look back on, to that time when Luna was just 3.

Luna is 3.

Luna, I love your fierceness. You are stubborn in the most frustratingly wonderful ways. Adamant about your outfits – which must be dresses or “skirty dresses”. Preferably long, down to your toes, ideally strapless (if they are dresses, or even skirts that can be worn as dresses).

When we went to the thrift store to find Halloween costumes you passed by the shoe section and were drawn to a slightly beat up pair of sparkly red shoes several sizes too big. You gasped with delight and refused to leave the store without them. How could I say no?

You are surprisingly observant. Noticing the hairstyles (trenzas, color) of passersby. Sometimes it’s the shoes that grab your attention (“I want ballet shoes like that).

You love costumes – fairies, sparkly sequins – but you have a tough and scary side too. Your first halloween costume request was to be a “zombie princess” and for your party your first (of three costumes of the event) was a “bad fairy”.

You love to listen to books and insist on several stories every night saying “talk about a story!” You begin most sentences with “are we” even if that isn’t appropriate. I want to correct you, but also want you to keep your adorable baby-ness just a bit longer.

Your favorite food is pizza, and you’ll eat all the pizza you’re served, but clearing your plate of pretty much anything else takes some convincing, bribing, and/or story telling. A last minute banana request as soon as you’ve brushed your teeth, gotten into bed and we’ve turned out the light is the norm.

You mess with your little brother, tackling him from behind even though he’s only just learned to stand on his own, but when a stranger comments on how cute he is and jokes about taking him, you immediately rush to him to keep him with us.

You love watercolors, and are just starting to show an interest in ballet. You’re excited to begin school. You do not want to surf.

I love who you are and am interested to see who you’ll become, but i’m patient to wait and enjoy all these moments with you.

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