Surfing 7 Months Pregnant

I am determined to surf as long as possible into my pregnancy while taking it easy and listening to my body. I don’t catch many waves per session, my pop-up is slower and slower, but once I’m up it’s all good.

My midwife has advised me to slow down and stop surfing, but she’s not a surfer. I have several friends (who aren’t pro surfers) that surfed well into their 9th month of pregnancy. That’s my goal. So far, so good! 7 months and counting…

One thought on “Surfing 7 Months Pregnant”

  1. You are such a nut…lol. Good for you for staying fit. I didn’t want to get off the couch at seven months. But that was 35 years ago and things are way different now. For the better. You are so healthy, you will probably have that baby in your sleep.
    All the best to you guys!!!

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