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Surfing 4 Months Pregnant With Baby #2

I’ve currently got an awesome 1.5 year old little girl and am now 4 months pregnant with baby #2. Last time I surfed up until 32 weeks. I’m not sure i’ll be able to go as long this time around. Having the toddler to chase around all day makes it hard to get the rest I need so I anticipate stopping surfing a bit sooner. But before I get to that point, i’m enjoying it! The waves have been awesome in Costa Rica lately!

Pregnant Acrobatics

I came across a feature on a pregnant acrobat who continued to fly on the trapeze late into her pregnancy. Since I’m not an acrobat, what she’s doing looks as crazy to me as I’m sure my pregnant surfing footage looks to a non-surfer.

Just like I did, the acrobat – Michelle Arvin from NY – received a lot of negative comments when her photos were published. I applaud her as one more example of a strong woman, in touch with her body, who refuses to lay on the couch just because she happens to be with child.

To read the whole feature, click here.
photos by Rachael Shane Photography

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Surfing 7 Months Pregnant

I am determined to surf as long as possible into my pregnancy while taking it easy and listening to my body. I don’t catch many waves per session, my pop-up is slower and slower, but once I’m up it’s all good.

My midwife has advised me to slow down and stop surfing, but she’s not a surfer. I have several friends (who aren’t pro surfers) that surfed well into their 9th month of pregnancy. That’s my goal. So far, so good! 7 months and counting…

27 Weeks Today!

We’ve started a Sunday morning tradition of walking down to the bay  as a family for a surf session. Ok, so it doesn’t happen every Sunday. Some sundays call for just chilling on the porch and dreaming up a big breakfast to make. But if the surf conditions are reasonable, we gather the family (at this point consisting of my husband and I and our two dogs) and take a leisurely 15 min walk along the beach to the bay. Continue reading 27 Weeks Today!

Surfing 25 Weeks Pregnant

I only get footage of myself surfing during retreats and since we just had six weeks off, it’s been a while since I posted any footage. My belly is growing. It’s getting more difficult to paddle and pop up, but once i’m on my feet, it feels ok. I’m trying to keep it mellow, but when a nice lip presents itself I hear the baby telling me, “mama, hit that!”.

Surfing 18 Weeks Pregnant

Every week I’m a little slower, a little more relaxed, but thankfully I’m still surfing and when I get a good wave I get excited enough to step on the tail and push it! This was our third week in Costa Rica. The waves were a bit smaller and I didn’t have any of my own boards so I was riding some funky shapes, but having fun with it. We’re done with retreats now until the end of May so the next video I post of me surfing, I’ll be 6 months+!