Walking at 8.5 Months

Ever since she was really little she has wanted to be on her feet. At four months she started insisting on standing up. By six months she was standing without help, just leaning onto whatever was available – coffee table, couch, etc. Around seven months she became obsessed with trying to walk and our lower backs were so sore from bending over. Fortunately by about eight months she had grown tall enough so that I can hold her hands while standing upright. At eight and a half months exactly, I captured this video of her taking a series of steps all on her own.

Introducing Luna to the Ocean

5 weeks after having my little girl, I started surfing again. It was really awkward at first. After three months out of the water I was out of rhythm with the ocean. My paddling muscles were weak.

Luna is 10 weeks old now and I’m starting to get back to normal. On this day last week I caught a few waves and then came in when my husband signaled that she was awake. I fed her and then took her for a walk along the water’s edge. She was a little fussy and I was adjusting my carry hold when I decided to dip her toes in the water. She instantly quieted, staring at the water, mesmerized. She loved it!

Surfing 7 Months Pregnant

I am determined to surf as long as possible into my pregnancy while taking it easy and listening to my body. I don’t catch many waves per session, my pop-up is slower and slower, but once I’m up it’s all good.

My midwife has advised me to slow down and stop surfing, but she’s not a surfer. I have several friends (who aren’t pro surfers) that surfed well into their 9th month of pregnancy. That’s my goal. So far, so good! 7 months and counting…