Introducing Luna to the Ocean

5 weeks after having my little girl, I started surfing again. It was really awkward at first. After three months out of the water I was out of rhythm with the ocean. My paddling muscles were weak.

Luna is 10 weeks old now and I’m starting to get back to normal. On this day last week I caught a few waves and then came in when my husband signaled that she was awake. I fed her and then took her for a walk along the water’s edge. She was a little fussy and I was adjusting my carry hold when I decided to dip her toes in the water. She instantly quieted, staring at the water, mesmerized. She loved it!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Luna to the Ocean”

  1. Good on you!! I know when I had my lil bub I was pretty exited to get to some of my normal routines. I have been fairly intense about exercise and really missed it. The moods and energy levels swing enough being pregnant and after birth and when you stop a hobby that makes you happy and also provides the exercise that spikes up your energy levels it only amplifies it. I was so happy to get back into the gym, and dropped my weight crazy fast, and was sooooo happy to have that energy back!

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