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Family Boat Trip Surf Session

Surf With Amigas is gearing up to do our first family retreat in Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. In preparation, I loaded up my family including my sister, her husband and their 14 month old into a boat to head across the gulf. We surfed some rights, walked through the jungle to a cute little resort for lunch and pool play, and got up close and personal with some very friendly monkeys. It was a great test to see how kids could handle the boat trip and long day. They were all passed out on the boat trip back but they loved it! Continue reading Family Boat Trip Surf Session

Wagon Ride to Beach Play

With two little ones it has been a struggle to get both down to the beach at times. We live a short walk away, but a short walk for us is still a long one for little legs. My husband Kim bought a wagon frame and wheels in the states, brought it down and added a wooden seat. Now walks to the beach are so much easier. The kids think it’s really fun to ride!

Luna is starting to get into riding a surfboard in very tiny waves and Soleo just loves running around in the sand and pointing at birds.


Infant Head Ridges Not Necessarily Craniosynostosis

I want to put this out there for any other mamas who might be going through what I recently went through. In short, here is the info I searched all over the internet to find: A bony head or noticeable ridges does not necessarily indicate craniosynostosis! Continue reading Infant Head Ridges Not Necessarily Craniosynostosis

Goodbye Granny

Bologna sandwiches on white bread, pickles, candy dishes always filled with m&ms or Werther’s candies, cold iced tea and cans of root bear, searching for strawberries in the barrel planters on the bricked front yard patio, nautical theme decorations everywhere, ocean breezes blowing an American flag, the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival, feeding the ducks torn up pieces of bread at Balboa Island – these are the scented colorful flavorful memories of my Granny who passed away at home yesterday evening.

Granny on her back patio with my mom (her daughter) and dad, a month ago.

Continue reading Goodbye Granny

Luna’s First Solo Waves

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.49.00 PM

It’s been a while since Luna has wanted to get on the board in the ocean. We didn’t want to force it, preferring to wait until she asked. The last few days she has been asking. Yesterday morning she surprised us by riding her first few waves solo. She was even paddling back to dad (with some pushes from mom) after each ride. We didn’t have a camera.  Continue reading Luna’s First Solo Waves