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Luna’s ISR Swim Lesson

ISR is a philosophy of swim lessons focused on keeping babies and toddlers safe from drowning. This isn’t about play or splashing but teaching a young kid how to save themselves if they happen to fall into a pool. In this video Luna demonstrates learning to float, swim to the step, swim to the instructor, flip over and fall in to float, etc. We loved her instructor Jeannie Lambert!

Planning to Tandem Breastfeed

Luna was only 16 months old when I first found out I was pregnant with baby #2. At that point solid food was just something she ate for fun, some days more than others, but mostly she was breastfeeding. My first thought after “oh my god, I can’t believe i’m pregnant again!” was sadness that Luna wouldn’t get to breastfeed for the full two years that I had been planning (at least). I immediately started researching what other moms in my position have done and came across a bunch of inspirational and daunting photos of something I never knew existed – tandem breastfeeding.

tandem 1tandem 2Unfortunately just about the time of the start of my second trimester my milk dried up so we’ve been dry nursing since then. While Luna doesn’t seem to mind too much it can be pretty uncomfortable for me. She has started eating a lot more real food of course. One good thing is that not getting milk in the middle of the night has now led her to sleep the whole night through (most nights), which is a definite blessing!

I’ve read that once my milk comes in for the baby that she will most likely start wanting to nurse a lot more. We’ll see… Looking forward to it (although just a little nervously!)

Walking at 8.5 Months

Ever since she was really little she has wanted to be on her feet. At four months she started insisting on standing up. By six months she was standing without help, just leaning onto whatever was available – coffee table, couch, etc. Around seven months she became obsessed with trying to walk and our lower backs were so sore from bending over. Fortunately by about eight months she had grown tall enough so that I can hold her hands while standing upright. At eight and a half months exactly, I captured this video of her taking a series of steps all on her own.

Luna’s First Youtube Dance Video

Ok, she’s not really dancing, and maybe no one but me will find this entertaining, but I think it’s hilarious! I’m having lots of fun with the little one!

We spend all day and night together. She has a portacrib that i’ll use sometimes during the day if she’s fallen asleep and I want to get a few things done, but 98% of the time she’s on my lap, asleep on my chest, or in my arms. I love it and so does she.

I did finally get back in the water a few days ago for a very short surf session. We walked down with Dad, a beach umbrella, and just one surfboard. She was asleep and I passed her off, grabbed the board, and ran out for about 30 minutes. It was the first time i’d surfed in three months and I felt stiff and out of shape both physically and mentally. I was looking towards the beach every 2 minutes to make sure they were ok, but I was able to catch a few fun waves and that felt amazing!

Soon I realized she was awake and probably hungry. I caught a wave in, ran up the beach, and lightly rinsed myself off with a bottle of water. I smelled like the ocean and my lycra rashguard and she didn’t seem sure it was me. It took a few minutes for her to latch on and still she seemed suspicious that something wasn’t quite right. “You better get used to it,” I told her, “you’re going to be smelling this a lot starting now!”