Luna Goes To Spain

My sister Heidi is getting married in Malaga the last week of June and we decided to make the most of the long flights and expensive plane tickets by making a month of out it. First stop – 2 nights in Madrid to acclimate and recover from the long leg of the journey, then off to Ireland, Switzerland, and finally Malaga. 

On the first couple days we put on our walking shoes, loaded Luna in the backpack and did some metro hopping to various points of interest in the city of Madrid. The weather was super nice and we were impressed with the city.IMG_0279 IMG_0282 IMG_6658
Luna loves waterfalls, swimming pools, the ocean, estuaries, etc. This was her first experience with a fountain and predictably, she was stoked!

The little girl just wants to practice walking. She is only happy in the backpack for so long before she insists on getting out and getting her feet on the ground. IMG_6692


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