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Surfing 32 Weeks Pregnant

With only 6+ weeks to go before my little girl is born, I’m still surfing. Every week it gets a bit harder as my belly grows, but the waves have been good and i’m feeling great. I probably won’t be able to keep it up much longer. I’ll be bodysurfing soon, but for now i’m standing and stoked.

Surfing 7 Months Pregnant

I am determined to surf as long as possible into my pregnancy while taking it easy and listening to my body. I don’t catch many waves per session, my pop-up is slower and slower, but once I’m up it’s all good.

My midwife has advised me to slow down and stop surfing, but she’s not a surfer. I have several friends (who aren’t pro surfers) that surfed well into their 9th month of pregnancy. That’s my goal. So far, so good! 7 months and counting…