Surfing 18 Weeks Pregnant

Every week I’m a little slower, a little more relaxed, but thankfully I’m still surfing and when I get a good wave I get excited enough to step on the tail and push it! This was our third week in Costa Rica. The waves were a bit smaller and I didn’t have any of my own boards so I was riding some funky shapes, but having fun with it. We’re done with retreats now until the end of May so the next video I post of me surfing, I’ll be 6 months+!


3 thoughts on “Surfing 18 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. Holly,
    Thanks for the surfspiration during my pregnancy (I am 15 weeks now)! I was worried that I wouldnt be able to surf at all once I got pregnant, but everytime I go out it feels great and I love that my little one is catching waves with me. I look forward to seeing your techniques as your belly grows. I’m thinking I might try knee paddling later on even though longboarding is not my forte!

    Best Wishes,
    -Jess, Wilmington, NC

    1. thanks jess. and congratulations to you!
      we’ll see how it goes. im at 20 weeks now and just a bit slower to paddle and pop up. ive been riding thicker boards but i think shortboards are the way to go because you can use your knees to offset the weight and keep the pressure of the belly. keep in touch and let me know how your experience goes!

      1. Thanks! Glad to hear that short boarding is working best for you maybe it will for me as well. I’ll keep you posted. Have fun!

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