To Vaccinate or Not

Whether or not to vaccinate has been a tough decision. For “off the grid”, natural, alternative lifestyle folk like ourselves the trend is to avoid vaccines. I subscribe to natural news websites that post articles claiming vaccines are dangerous, untested, cause autism, can bring on seizures, etc. Their arguments are convincing. Here’s one titled “You are being lied to” that does a good job of summarizing this field of thought.

It does seem crazy to give a newborn a vaccine to protect them against Hepatitis B – a disease spread by sexual contact and intravenous drug use. Shouldn’t that be given later in life? It seems wrong to inject a clean fresh newborn with an immature immune system with something like that.

We have been back and forth quite a bit about which vaccines to give (if any) and more importantly, when. Then a friend sent me this video. Watching the little boy cough and cough and cough gave the emotional fuel which combined with the other evidence made us decide that maybe vaccines aren’t so bad.
Check out this video on Nova from PBS “Calling the Shots”

One thought on “To Vaccinate or Not”

  1. I think it can be so confusing to make decisions about our children and ourselves these days. The Internet has so much information and it is really hard to wade through it all. I think you just end up making the best decision you can and move on. I’ve heard a lot on vaccines and have gone back and forth. I’ve been swayed in favor of vaccines from some of my friends with compromised immune systems who don’t want to be exposed to avoidable diseases.

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