My Friend Corinne is a Super Mama

I met Corinne Gold when I was modeling for Athleta in 2010. We spent a week shooting photos in Panama and I was inspired by her fun-loving spirit and awesome attitude. Check out a couple photos from the catalog below.

corinne athletaholly athleta

We kept in touch via facebook and I watched inspired as she surfed through her pregnancy, bounced back into model shape immediately, and then became pregnant again. Now that I have a six month old, I’m starting to mentally adjust to the idea of having a second one. I’m definitely not ready. My little girl keeps me plenty busy and the thought of going through the whole pregnancy, birth, and 4th trimester again does not sound good at all! BUT, I know I want Luna to have a sibling, so I’m super inspired when I see photos like this of Corinne balancing both kids and her own need for fun and fitness. Thanks Corinne!

super mama corinne

If you want more silliness, I dug up this video of us “behind the scenes” at our Athleta shoot in 2010.

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