Luna Meets Two Very Interesting Animals in Nicaragua

11352456_402201103317281_347520370_oLuna got a chance to meet two very interesting animals yesterday. The first was a BIG FAT mama pig who had just given birth to piglets 8 days ago. The piglets were super cute but napping further beyond the fence so we got up close and personal with big momma.


The other very interesting animal was a monkey. It’s actually a bit sad since this monkey is a pet being kept at the beach on a short leash. We went over to check her out and couldn’t believe how friendly she is. She just wanted to be touched. We kept our distance at first since I wasn’t sure what she’d do, but she immediately reached out and wrapped her tail around Luna’s leg and then offered me her hand.

Our friend Nikki Poulos came over and gave her a monkey massage and then picked her up for a cuddle. The monkey leaned in and embraced her and then didn’t want to let go! The owner of the monkey wasn’t around but I’m eager to find out more about this monkey tomorrow, and bring her some fruit (she was being fed rice and beans). Cool experiences for Luna though.nikki monkey

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