We Got a Washing Machine!

This may not sound like an exciting blog post to you, but let me tell you, it’s super exciting for me!

The first year or so that I lived in Nicaragua I took pride in the fact that I washed my clothes by hand and hung them to dry in the sun. How eco-friendly of me! Right? Well, it also chaps my hands and hurts my back and takes a really long time! I spent 3 years doing it. We ended up wearing clothes dirty just to save the hassle, and down here it doesn’t really matter. 

Once the little girl was born and we started cloth diapering, the laundry load per week went up a few notches. I started out still doing it myself – especially because I just really enjoyed washing those cute tiny clothes. But that got old. When she only sleeps for 40 min 3xs a day, I end up having to prioritize what I get done each nap. Washing clothes is just not a priority!

So, I started paying our caretaker’s wife to do the washing. That went well except that despite what I told her, she always used a ton of bleach! The blacks turned brown and the pinks turned white. Plus, she hangs them out to dry on a barb-wire fence which leaves little holes.

Finally, I told my husband, “I want a washing machine!” So we got one. Easy! And now…. I can wash our clothes and not have it take all morning! Super Exciting!!!!

washing machine girl smile washing machine girl lobo washing machine girl in bucket close


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