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Luna’s First Solo Waves

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.49.00 PM

It’s been a while since Luna has wanted to get on the board in the ocean. We didn’t want to force it, preferring to wait until she asked. The last few days she has been asking. Yesterday morning she surprised us by riding her first few waves solo. She was even paddling back to dad (with some pushes from mom) after each ride. We didn’t have a camera.  Continue reading Luna’s First Solo Waves

Surfing and Riding Horses at 15 Months

It’s been so fun to play now that Luna is a bit older. She’s loving being at the beach, in the water, and on horseback. She’s talking a ton, mostly in Spanish, but also knows the hand sign for “more”. She doesn’t use it often – only when she REALLY wants more of something. I was so stoked to see her using it while galloping on horseback.

Here she is at 15 months old enjoying everything around her. She caught her first wave on mama’s back and is having tons of fun playing on her boogie board.

Luna’s First Swim Lessons

luna float 2nd swim lesson

In a few days Luna will turn 1 year old, which means it’s time for her first swim lessons. I wouldn’t have come up with that idea on my own, but while surfing a few days ago we met a really cool lady named Joany Arpy who specializes in teaching infants to swim. She generously offered to give Luna a few lessons and we jumped at the opportunity.

The lessons are short (only 5 min long) and very intense. The babies are essentially just thrown into the water (with Joany’s knowledgable hands on them of course) and encouraged to explore their natural float reflex. She guides the head and body so that just the face is above water and eventually they relax and control their breath in order to float. It’s a nerve-wracking, incredible, and very proud moment to watch as a parent. luna float underwaterLuna got into the pool happily, but as soon as the lesson began she went into panic mode, calling for “MAMA! MAMA!” This, Joany says, is totally normal. On the first lesson she floated on her back for a few seconds and we called that success. On the second lesson, they worked on simulating falling into the pool and turning towards the wall to safety, and even a little underwater swimming.

luna look underwater 2

Unfortunately, Joany had to head back to Florida so we only got 2 lessons, but we’re thinking about heading to Florida for a week or so to continue the program. It was that good.

She recommends getting babies into the water between 6 months and 2 years old. If you have a little one, I definitely recommend finding an instructor from near you!

luna second swim lesson