Beautiful Home Water Birth Video

I’m now less than a month away from my due date and the whole thing seems a lot more real now than it did a few months ago. I’m actually going to have a baby!

I’m really looking forward to the experience. Of course, there’s that little bit of nervousness. That little wondering of “what if something goes wrong?” But, I trust that everything will be fine. I trust that my body and baby know what to do. I know that my husband is amazingly supportive and will be right there for me. I have a great friend going through the same thing who will also be there and a very experienced midwife. I’ve read multiple books by midwives and studied Hypnobirthing. It’s going to be awesome.

My friend just sent me this video of a gorgeous home water birth that had me shedding a few tears. It’s so beautiful. Other than having many fewer spectators, this is what we’re planning.

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