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Soleo Lanz Obermeyer’s Birth Story

With Luna it was slow (read Luna’s birth story here). Contractions started after dinner and I was up all night dancing in the moonlight, too excited to sleep. I shared the sunrise with a hummingbird looking out over the lake, spent the day getting in and out and in and out of the tub, but my cervix just didn’t want to open. Ultimately, I ended up pushing her out partially anesthetized on my back on a hospital bed, 30 something hours after contractions began. It wasn’t the gentle home birth I had imagined, and I really hoped the second would go better.

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Beautiful Home Water Birth Video

I’m now less than a month away from my due date and the whole thing seems a lot more real now than it did a few months ago. I’m actually going to have a baby!

I’m really looking forward to the experience. Of course, there’s that little bit of nervousness. That little wondering of “what if something goes wrong?” But, I trust that everything will be fine. I trust that my body and baby know what to do. I know that my husband is amazingly supportive and will be right there for me. I have a great friend going through the same thing who will also be there and a very experienced midwife. I’ve read multiple books by midwives and studied Hypnobirthing. It’s going to be awesome.

My friend just sent me this video of a gorgeous home water birth that had me shedding a few tears. It’s so beautiful. Other than having many fewer spectators, this is what we’re planning.

5 Hospital Procedures that Ruin Your Birth

My midwife posted a link to an article listing five hospital procedures that ruin your birth. Based on the feedback i’ve been receiving after telling friends and acquaintances of my decision to have a home birth, i’ve realized that there’s a lot of ignorance out there as to what is actually necessary, what’s helpful, and what’s simply hurtful when it comes to having babies.
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Video of a Calm Home Water Birth

I hate hospitals. They just freak me out. Full of germs, sick people, dying people. I can’t imagine relaxing in a hospital, and the thought of spending so much time there was one reason why getting pregnant seemed incredibly scary. It wasn’t just the idea of giving birth that made me nervous, but the idea of spending so much time in a hospital. Continue reading Video of a Calm Home Water Birth