A Day In The Life at 4.5 Months

Set a goal, attract what you want, work hard, and live your dream. After loving life as a competitive pro surfer, then a pro free surfer, building a business and relocating full time to Nicaragua, I wanted to have a family. I’m now happily married living in a house that we built with our two dogs and a 4.5 month old baby girl Luna. Here’s a little video sample of daily life on a day off from running my Surf Yoga Retreat business. Life is good!Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.22.16 AM


2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life at 4.5 Months”

  1. Love it! My hubby and I are long term planning our seasonal surf getaway and this vid inspires us to keep Nicaragua in the list…:)

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  2. Holly I have loved reading your blog for a year or two now and was super excited to see you expecting as I now have a 3 month old and enjoyed surfing most of my pregnancy here in chilly Scotland round the same time you were updating with your bump and surfing fun. Your pregnant posts were really inspiring. Love your updates on life on the other side with Luna, she’s a cutie.

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