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A Day In The Life at 4.5 Months

Set a goal, attract what you want, work hard, and live your dream. After loving life as a competitive pro surfer, then a pro free surfer, building a business and relocating full time to Nicaragua, I wanted to have a family. I’m now happily married living in a house that we built with our two dogs and a 4.5 month old baby girl Luna. Here’s a little video sample of daily life on a day off from running my Surf Yoga Retreat business. Life is good!Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.22.16 AM

Beach Baby Photos

Little Luna is growing up so fast. She’s now 4.5 months old and really getting into the beach lifestyle. She loves the ocean! Her skin is really fair, so I try to keep her covered up if we play at the beach midday. I found this super cute little full-body zip-up rashguard by SwimZip. It’s called “sassy surfer” which of course I find very appropriate. The hat is by IPlay.

During a retreat last month we had an Amiga who is an amazing photographer by the name of Abbey Moore. She shot these gorgeous photos of my girl and I playing at the beach. Check out her site via the link for more photos from our home in Nicaragua.beach baby with mama

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