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Back in the Water after 3 months

luna sling 5 weeksAfter three months without paddling out, i’m finally back in the water. When Luna was about 3 weeks old I started taking her on beach walks with the dogs in the mornings. I wrapped her up in a sling, covered her head with a little hat and we’d walk down to the ocean with the dogs and look at the waves. It seemed impossible to leave her on the beach and out of my arms for any length of time, but day by day I got more and more eager to catch a wave.

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Luna’s First Youtube Dance Video

Ok, she’s not really dancing, and maybe no one but me will find this entertaining, but I think it’s hilarious! I’m having lots of fun with the little one!

We spend all day and night together. She has a portacrib that i’ll use sometimes during the day if she’s fallen asleep and I want to get a few things done, but 98% of the time she’s on my lap, asleep on my chest, or in my arms. I love it and so does she.

I did finally get back in the water a few days ago for a very short surf session. We walked down with Dad, a beach umbrella, and just one surfboard. She was asleep and I passed her off, grabbed the board, and ran out for about 30 minutes. It was the first time i’d surfed in three months and I felt stiff and out of shape both physically and mentally. I was looking towards the beach every 2 minutes to make sure they were ok, but I was able to catch a few fun waves and that felt amazing!

Soon I realized she was awake and probably hungry. I caught a wave in, ran up the beach, and lightly rinsed myself off with a bottle of water. I smelled like the ocean and my lycra rashguard and she didn’t seem sure it was me. It took a few minutes for her to latch on and still she seemed suspicious that something wasn’t quite right. “You better get used to it,” I told her, “you’re going to be smelling this a lot starting now!”

Luna Suli’s Birth Story

On September 14th at 4:55am I clutched a new little creature to my chest after 33 hours of labor. She seemed so foreign. It was so strange that just moments before she’d been inside me, faceless. Then that little face lit up! She opened her eyes, she cried, she latched onto my breast and as cliche as it sounds, I fell totally in love. Continue reading Luna Suli’s Birth Story

Welcome Luna Suli Obermeyer

On Septermber 14th, 2014 (her dad’s birthday), Luna Suli came out of the womb and into our family. Over the past 11 days I’ve fallen head over heels in love. ┬áLuckily my husband has been doing the cooking, allowing me to pass the time just holding, kissing, smelling, smiling, cuddling, and nursing her. So far she sleeps great (just waking up a couple of times in the night to feed then sliding back into sleep) nestled by my side. Since she’s always touching me and I can put her on a boob at the slightest hint that she’s hungry, she hardly ever cries. Continue reading Welcome Luna Suli Obermeyer