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Luna Suli Surfs With Her Mama at 2.5 Years Old

Luna has been going in cycles of wanting to surf with me every day for a couple of weeks, and then showing no interest at all. I don’t push it. If I say, “want to surf with mama?” and she says “not today,” then it’s not today.

But on this day, I asked her if she wanted to surf and she said “YES!” I passed off Soleo who was not thrilled at hanging on the beach with the nanny right at that moment, but when Luna wants to surf she gets to go surfing!

The waves were nice and small with a big channel. We paddled out and relaxed on the outside for a while. We talked about the channel, the peak, the inside, the outside. She pointed out whitewash and green waves. We played on the board, jumping off and swimming back to it. We looked for turtles, pulled up small pieces of driftwood for inspection, sang songs from Disney’s Moana.

Eventually a set swung wide and we were in the perfect spot, so while still singing a song, I turned to paddle. She held on tight, looking around as I did some gentle turns, was smiling and happy, and even gave me a mid-wave high 5.  Then we paddled out for another. It was probably my favorite wave ever. 

After this wave, she was talking about surfing non-stop for the rest of the day and even practicing popups on my hand plane.

Luna Paddles Out

Luna has ridden a bunch of waves in her life starting at age 10 months, but this was the first time she wanted to paddle outside with me.


We had been spending a lot of time on the inside, playing around, riding broken waves with her on my back.

One day the waves were pretty small and I saw that there were long enough gaps between sets that I could probably get her outside without having to pop over a big wave. I asked if she wanted to “go out to the amigas” and she said “ok!”

We timed it just right and made it outside with dry hair. She was a little nervous but also happy to be out there.


I saw a little wave coming, turned and paddled for it. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to catch it or what I’d do when we did catch it. Should I just stay laying down as we’d been practicing? But once we were in it, instinct kicked in and I slowly stood up. She was gripping tightly, and I reached around and got an arm on her just in case.img_8100img_8104img_8112img_8115

We rode it all the way in! I asked if she wanted to paddle out for another and she said yes. On the next paddle out, I didn’t time it quite as well and we did have to push through a little wave. She got splashed in the face and wasn’t too happy about it, but calmed down once we got outside. The swell was small but long period and building. After having to paddle quickly to avoid a couple of larger waves, I decided not to push our luck and we paddled in.

I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to get her out there again!

Surfing Post Partum

A couple of months ago I gave birth to a big healthy baby boy (over 9 lbs). He is my second baby in two years and the recovery process was a lot slower than my first. I didn’t surf as long into my pregnancy the second time (30 weeks vs. 32 weeks) and I waited a bit longer to get back in the water after having my son than my daughter (7 weeks vs. 5). Those two weeks on either end may not seem like much, but they did to me.

When I finally got back in the water after 4 months off the board, I was slow, weak, and out of rhythm with the ocean. These clips were taken in my first two weeks back in the water.

Luckily my son is a very mellow baby who is happy to chill out on the beach while mama goes surfing. My daughter is 2 and loves the ocean and has started asking to catch waves with me. Here’s a snapshot of our surfing life from the past week.

Luna’s Day at The Beach – Swimming and Surfing at almost 2 years old

It’s been a while since Luna has wanted to get on the board in the ocean. We didn’t want to force it, preferring to wait until she asked. The last few days she has been asking. Yesterday morning she surprised us by riding her first few waves solo. She was even paddling back to dad (with some pushes from mom) after each ride. We didn’t have a camera.

Today, armed with a GoPro we tried again. The waves were a little bit bigger and more consistent so she was a little more nervous, but she did get this one great ride and ended it with a big smile!

Luna’s First Solo Waves

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.49.00 PM

It’s been a while since Luna has wanted to get on the board in the ocean. We didn’t want to force it, preferring to wait until she asked. The last few days she has been asking. Yesterday morning she surprised us by riding her first few waves solo. She was even paddling back to dad (with some pushes from mom) after each ride. We didn’t have a camera.  Continue reading Luna’s First Solo Waves

Luna’s First Wave

“When is she going to catch her first wave?” I’d been asked that question a few times and always answered “when it seems like the right time.”

I didn’t want to force it. The last thing I wanted was for her to wipeout, have a bad experience, and then develop a fear that would take years to overcome. I was happy with her being happy playing at the water’s edge or splashing her little feet in the shallowest water.

Then one bright sunny day I decided to try pulling her on a boogie board along the wet sand. I started slow and checked in with her often and saw that she was liking it!


She even wiped out and rolled off into the sand once, but was willing to get back on. Then we started getting a little too brave and close to the water. A small wave came up and hit her on the side and dumped her off into the shallow water. I scooped her up immediately, but she had a face full of salty sand. It was up her nose, in her ears, and stuck in her eyelashes. She cried a bit but it seemed that she was more scared by my reaction. I was worried that the game was over, but she got back on the board.


A few days later the waves were really small and the tide was perfect. Little tiny whitewash waves were breaking in knee deep water and rolling gently towards shore. There was a 9’6 on the beach so we grabbed it and waded out ’til we were about waist deep. One of our instructors was there to help out. She positioned the board and I sat down with my legs out in front of me and held the little girl in my lap. When the right wave came in, the instructor pushed us in and we rode towards shore.

luna mama kaseyluna wave bestThe first wave, she was dancing her little legs around and we rode all the way in. We ended up catching four waves like that and I was so happy! She wasn’t laughing like crazy, or crying in fear. She seemed to be very serious about it, watching and taking it all in.

luna wave look down

A little while later I decided to try it with a boogie board. I waited for a gentle little wave, plopped her down on the board and then laid down on top of her and we rode that one all the way in also. That, she didn’t seem to like as much. Maybe the water was too close to her face, maybe she didn’t like me on top of her, or maybe she was just like, “Mama, I don’t want to be a boogie boarder, I want to surf!”

luna boogie wave

There is absolutely no rush, but I do hope she falls in love with surfing as I have so that in a few years we’ll be able to share waves together.